How Long is the Flight From Dallas to Phoenix?

To get the best idea of how long is the flight from Dallas to phoenix takes, let’s look at some common routes. For example, if you want to fly from Dallas to Phoenix, you can look for flights that start at around noon or after 6 pm on weekdays. There are 34 direct flights from Dallas to various destinations on American Airlines, starting at 12:20 pm and ending at 05:40 pm PST. You can also check the number of daily flights on Alaska Airlines. The earliest departure time for these flights is 12:35 PM, and the last departure time is at 05:05 PM. Delta Air Lines has a single afternoon flight, departing from Love Field airport at 5:35 pm.

How Long is the Flight From Dallas to Phoenix:

If you’re wondering how long is the flight from Dallas to Phoenix, then read on. There are many airlines that fly from DFW to Phoenix, and you can choose the most convenient one for your needs. Usually, a nonstop flight between DFW and Phoenix takes about 2 Hours and 30 mins, but you might need to change planes if you’re taking a connecting flight.

A nonstop flight from Dallas, TX to Phoenix takes about two hours and twenty-seven minutes. However, connecting flights with a layover takes longer. The length of your flight depends on the airline you choose and the destination of your layover. It could be as short as 2 hrs and 20 mins or as long as nine hours. Then, you’ll need to wait at the intermediate airports.

Cheapest Flight From Dallas to Phoenix?

If you’re traveling on a budget, you should look into flight options that cost under $100. The cheapest flight can be booked for $40 and the shortest one is around two hours and Twenty-five minutes. You can also find the latest Flight fare from Dallas to Phoenix on Expedia, Kayak, or on Agoda. Alternatively, you can find flights at a lower price by looking at the best times to fly. The distance between Phoenix and Dallas is 1,063 miles or roughly Fifteen hours of driving.

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The fastest one-stop flight from Dallas, TX to Phoenix is about three hours. Some airlines may take as long as 9 hours. If you’re flying nonstop, the flight time between Dallas, TX, and Phoenix is roughly two hour and twenty-five minutes. Indirect flights may take longer or be shorter than this. Depending on the number of layovers, the duration of the trip may vary by as much as two hrs or nine hours.

How Long is the Flight From Dallas to Phoenix is approximately Two hour and Twenty-five minutes. The longest flight is about nine hours and four and a half hours. In general, the distance from Dallas to Phoenix is about 1,712 kilometers, which is eight degrees north. You’ll have to adjust the time for the other factors, such as the weather and passengers. All of the mentioned timings and Flight prices can be changed at the time of travelling. So make sure to confirm with your airline before travelling.